Episode M2.1 – My Chosen Kindred

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Haiku Mediations on My Chosen Kindred

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On Summer’s Cusp, Spring
Evenings Linger Above Fields
Of Green Perfection

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What I May Become
Finds Its Wings on the Breath of
My Chosen Kindred

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It’s No Special Day
But I Think of You and Am
Grateful and Amazed

Zion National Park

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Red Rock Canyons Fill
With Light and Shadows Rise to
Move Across the Rocks

As The Day Passes
Canyon Walls Stand, Canvas for
Always Shifting Light

And Something Stirs in
The Shadows or the Light on
The Rocks or In Me

Episode R2.0 – Reflections on Snow Haiku

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Reflections on Snow Haiku

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The Quiet Rustle
Of Needle and Thread Through Cloth
Whispers of My Mom

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Tree Limbs are Still Bare
But Birds Perch There Singing in
Green Celebration

Episode M2.0 – Snow

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Meditations in Haiku on Snow

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They had Simple Names,
Katie, Maggie. Their Lives Light
The Generations

Maggie Kaufman Shetler 1876-1932
Katie Cook 1935-2023