Episode M1.4 – Light

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Meditations in Haiku on Light

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August Whispers Fall
In Sunlight Draped on Fields Like
Sheerest Golden Silk

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Molten Sunlight Pours
Down Canyon Walls and Flows Out
Across Dry Stream Beds

Molten Sunlight Caught
In Utah Alabaster
And Prairie Flower

Molten Sunlight Cooled
By Sapphire Skies, By Time, and
Laid in Sheared Rock Walls

Capitol Reef Cliff Face Slushed in Oranges

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Layer on Layer
Laid Down Over Time Beyond
Our Clocks and Measures

Worn Away By Wind
And Water, Canyons Painted
Orange and Grey and Green

Steeped in Light and Dark
Time and Distance Are Dissolved
To an Ancient Calm

Bryce Canyon Flooded in Sunlight

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Roasted Almonds Cool
On the Stove Top, Murmuring
Their Umber Secrets

Episode R1.3 – Love

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Reflections on Haiku of Love

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We Would All Be Dead
If God Was Not Patient, So
Everything Evolves

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The Passing Eons
And Nature’s Endless Rhythm
Of Call and Response

Oceans Came and Went
Mountains Rose and are Eroding
Rivers and Wind Carve

Sculpting in Red Rock
Adding and Removing Over
The Passing Eons

Delicate Arch Arches National Park

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Sacred Light Rises
From the Floral Alter of
The Bee’s Cathedral

Three Purple Hosta Flowers

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Birthplace of Glaciers
Grown Here, Before Their Labors
For Grace and Beauty

Mountains above Tuolumne Meadow, Yosemite National Park