For my beloved cousin, Kathy

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A Light of Kindness
Flickers Into Darkness And
I Can’t Catch My Breath

This Light Not Tended
But Not Forgotten, A Piece
Of My Foundations

Breathe I Tell Myself
Breathe. How Can This Hole Exist?
How Do I Go On?

Breathe I Tell Myself
And All at Once, I Recall
All The Bright Moments

And I Know This Light
Of Kindness Will Burn On, A Bright
And Eternal Flame

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Desultory March Snow
Winter Breathing Slowly and
Contemplating Spring

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Low Gray Clouds Trailing
Scrims of Rain to Frame Blue Skies
At the Horizon

Episode M1.0 – Home

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A Haiku Meditation on Home

Episode I1.0 – Introduction to the “A Year in Haiku” Podcast

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Welcome to the very first episode of the “A Year in Haiku” podcast. This episode introduces the basic format and cadence of the podcast and gives a little background as well.

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Stone Wall Etched in Light,
Snow and Shadow Psalms Stillness
Across the Hill’s Crest

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One Granite Boulder
A Memory of Mountains
Out on the Prairie

Boulder in Prairie

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Beneath the Bare Trees
Sunlight Flows with Long Shadows
Across Melting Snow

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Clear Blue Sunlit Day
Cold, Crisp. Floating by, a Few
Fat, Fluffy Snowflakes

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Late February
The Way The Sunlight Falls Holds
More Than Frozen Ground