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From Every Marsh and
Swale Mist Wafts Across the Fields
Like Fall’s Gentle Breath

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Before Dawn, Stoplights
Flash, Late August Skies Repeat
Fall’s Coral Rumors

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The Hour Before Dawn,
Cool Breezes Announce Fall in
Leaves I Cannot See

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When Did Summer End?
One Cool Morning? One Full Moon?
When the Swallows Left?

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At this time of Year,
Latest August, Just Before
Dawn, The Mist Rises

You Can Almost See
Color Above the Marshes,
In the Trees, The Sky

You Can Almost See,
As the Earth Cools, The Colors
Of our Rising Dreams

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And Just When You Thought
Nothing Would Ever Change A
Mid-August Morning
An August Morning
Of Cooling Breezes, High Clouds,
Hints of Rolling Time.
Rolling Time and Distance,
Of Journey and Return, Of
Effort and of Rest

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Grey Hairs, Aches, Pains, And
Memories We’ll Never Share
Love’s Price Gladly Paid

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Sunrise Like Sunset
Caught in a Mirror, Between
Clear Days, Clearer Nights

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Five A.M. Baking,
Bread and Rolls, Like my Father
When I Was a Boy

The House is Asleep,
Now as Then, The Dreams Scented
With Warm Cinnamon

The Kitchen is Ruled
By Wooden Spoons and Wire Wisks
And Long Memory

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At the End of That
Long, Softly Lit Hallway, A
Tall Westward Window

Dawn, Painted Across
The Skies and Trees and Fields
In Blues and Coral

Our Worlds, Separate
Yet Together, Start Again
And I Breathe Deeply